Take Your Charity to the Next Level with YourAI

Our AI Advisors supports your staff and volunteers, helps you increase funding, find grants, and lets your charity make a bigger impact.

The Charity Pack

Our Charity Pack AI Advisors have been carefully selected to help your charity, not only to raise more funds, but also to make a much bigger impact.

To make it even better, we have not only included 50% more AI’s, we’ve also added a 25% discount, taking the effective cost of each individual AI down to just £3.56 per month, a tiny amount to the savings your charity can make… for example: compare that to the cost per hour of a legal advisor (£50-£250 per hour)… or a HR Consultant (£30-£100 per hour)

When just one use of a single AI can save you (or bring in extra funding) more money than our AI’s cost in a year… it’s not a matter of “can the charity can afford this AI service?” but rather one of “how can the charity afford to do without it?”

Currently it comprises of: