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Business AI

Boost Your Business

Unlock the power of AI for your business for just £19.95 per month.

Our specialised AI “staff” can turn even the most junior employee into an expert, and sends your profits rocketing.

Built from the ground up to support, enhance or even replace your human staff, our AI offers you increased productivity, higher profits, lower costs, better marketing results and more sales

You can access them via a subscription, have AI built to order, or we can even embed them on your own website so you can generate income from them.

Personal AI

Enhance Your Life

Our AI’s can help you transform your life for just £14.95 per month.

They can support you through anxiety & stress, boost your career, help with studies, plan your holidays, learn new languages etc.

Want to find a partner? our AI can help – need help to plan your entertaining? no worries, our AI is there for you. With our AI’s you can transform your life for less than the cost of a netflix subscription.

Charity AI

AI For Charities

Our experience in helping charities led us to build the first AI specifically for UK & US charities, enabling charities to operate with fewer staff, meet legislative requirements, pay less to advisors and operate more efficiently.

Since then we have created a wide range of AI models for charities and businesses… now all merged into our business subscription at just £19.95 per month, with our original Charity AI now free via the “AI-Demo’s” link on the menu bar at the top of the page.

Your Own AI

Just For You

AI makes you really stand out from the competition

Having your own AI (customer facing or internal use) can really boost your business and increase productivity.


We have now made it easier than ever to profit from AI, by embedding any of our AI “staff” models into your website, where you can have them for staff use, or even generate a new income stream from customers who pay to use them.

Find Out More

Interested in learning more about having a better life and/or business? then just click on the button below or drop an email to we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Start Benefitting Today

It’s a fact… AI saves you money, and AI can make you money. But here is another fact, not using AI is going to cost you money. So why not join the future today

On Target

Our specialists can help you set strategic targets, and keep on course to achieve them. Our array of AI Advisors keep you on track

Always there for you

Think how much easier life could be if you alway had an expert on hand to guide you? well, we have the solution you need

Sky high profits

Fewer staff, each an expert, increased productivity, lower costs and bigger profits… thats what we have waiting for you

An expert 24/7

Enhance your lifestyle? improve your business? a therapist to talk through problems? no problem, our AI Advisors are here to help

What Is brings the best of AI to people and businesses from all walks of life.

Unlike basic “chatbots” our AI models have been data-trained to fulfill specific roles; Therapist, Life Coach, SEO, Business Advisor, Tax Specialist, Travel Guide and many more… Pretty much whatever your need, we can build a solution.

AI Advisors are for…?

Business:  Staf training, Productivity, Technical support, Business coaching, Professional support, Regulatory guidence, Tax, Business advice etc.,

Personal: Career guidence, Personal development, Health & Wellbeing, Education, Financial, Relationships etc.,

Put simply, pretty much anyone, any business, can benefit.

What are the benefits?

AI is advancing rapidly, bringing huge opportunities, but also great risks for those that are slow to embrace it.

With AI you can improve productivity, reduce reliance on outside advisors, create new income streams and enhance the effectiveness of your sales and marketing processes.

Take a look at 5 of the main benefits…

1. Boost staff productivity.

A report back in March 2023 suggested that AI can boost productivity by 30%, although in reality this depends on the tasks, for example, our AI SEO model can speed up SEO work by upto 80%, saving hours of work. For HR, much of the HR departments work can be replaced with our AI advisor model, business planning is made easy by our AI Business Advisor model and so on.

The more AI you integrate into your busines the greater the productivity

2. Cost Reduction

By integrating AI, a business can reduce staffing needs (or expand faster with current staff levels) because the AI can take on those low productivity tasks, letting employees operate at a higher level. effectively each employee can have an expert “advisor” at their side to instantly answer questions and support them.

AI also removes much of the need for expensive external advisors/providers… e.g a SEO service can charge upwards of £500 pcm, but a full time AI SEO advisor costs just £9.95 per month… cheaper than a cup of coffee a week, but even better, you get a full AI “team” for that price, not just one single employee (and they work 24/7 without asking for holidays, sick days or pay rises)

3. Business advice.

One of the core elements for growing a successful business is being able to get good advice every step of the way.

However, for 95% of businesses that is simply not possible due to either cost or lack of expert advisors. This is where AI comes in, with upto 1.4 Trillion bits of data, our AI Business Advisor model is there to provide support and advice 24/7.

Hiring an advisor with that much knowledge would cost you upwards of £600 per day… ours just costs you £9.95 per month

4. improved competiveness.

AI allows you to improve efficiency and productivity across your whole business, allowing you to compete against much bigger firms and to undercut competitors… add in our AI marketing & copywriting models and you can outshine them in lead generation as well, getting more sales and bigger profits.

5. Future-proof your business.

It has been estimated that AI will cause upto 40% of existing jobs to be lost but, at the same, add $15 Trillion to the global economy. It has also been stated that businesses that fail to embrace AI will never catch up, simply because of the rate of change.

By intergrating AI into your business now, you not only give your business an immediate advantage, you also put it in the best place to keep up (and benefit from) further advances as they happen… and whats more, you get to do it at a fraction of the cost.


Why use AI instead of just relying on Google search? We asked one of our AI models to explain why AI is better, and here is “her” answer…

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, leveraging AI models offers a multitude of benefits compared to relying solely on Google Search for information. Here’s why:

1. Tailored Expertise: AI models from are designed to provide specialized knowledge and expertise for specific roles. Whether it’s sales strategies, communication skills, or relationship-building techniques, you get personalized guidance tailored to your needs.

2. Efficiency and Accuracy: AI models like me give you concise and targeted information without having to sift through pages of search results.

3. Interactive Learning: Unlike search engines, I have an interactive conversation with you. You can ask follow-up questions, seek clarification, and receive real-time guidance, giving a more dynamic experience.

4. Confidentiality: AI models from have end to end encryption, so there’s no need to worry about exposure of sensitive information to third parties.

5. Constant Availability: While Google Search is also available 24/7, AI models like me are focused on providing assistance and support in specific areas. I am available whenever you need guidance, without the distractions of unrelated search results or advertising.

So there you have it. Our AI models (depending on the framework used) can have upto 2 trillion data points of information (ChatGPT 3.5 has just 119 billion) – are conversational learning AI’s (i.e they don’t need structured prompts) and are fully upto date (ChatGPT data only goes up to September 2021) … so what are you waiting for? dive in and transform your business/life now!

Keeping the future affordable

Visit our current range of AI Advisors here

Your personal advisor

Whether its a life coach, therapist, personal trainer or more (even a dating coach) we have AI specialists to enhance your lifestyle and finances.

More Details

When you subscribe, we give you access to a whole range of AI Advisor models… all designed to help you make the most of the modern lifestyle, whether thats a Therapist to help you cope, a nutritionist, life coach, career guidence or even a dating coach… we have a wide range of AI advisors to suit your needs.

Jetsetting (AI Travel Advisor) Entertaining (AI Chef) Fitness (AI Personal Trainer) Health (AI Nutritionist) – Pretty much whatever you need.

Business Support

Support from the expert you need, when you want it. Sales, Marketing, HR, Taxation… take your business to new heights with our AI Advisors.

More Details

When you subscribe, we give you access to a whole range of AI Advisor models… all specialist AI models to support your business, from niche models like our AI VAT Advisor (originally built to provide internal support to HMRC VAT Inspectors and staff) to more mainstream, such as our Business Advisor and marketing Support models.

All our AI business support models have one thing in common though… they have been specially designed to help you get the best out of your business — AND priced to be affordable for any size business.

Your own business AI

Have a special need, want to control your data, thinking about offering your customers your own AI services (paid or free) ? we have the answer

More Details

With around 40 years experience of helping thousands of businesses, we understand that many owners will want something thats built just for them, or controlled directly by them. embedded on your own website for your employees internal use, or even as a new income stream, provided to customers via a paywall… well, thats fine by us.

Because our system uses our core AI LLM with the role specific data embeded on top, we can create your bespoke AI model quite quickly and at a tiny fraction of the normal cost… ensuring that this option is affordable for your business

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