A Charity expert – Whenever You Need Him

Whatever your charity needs are, our Charity AI can help. With an in-depth knowledge of charity laws, regulations and best practice,  “he” is able to guide you every step of the way, from starting a charity, running one and even closing down… but there’s more, filled with data on literally thousands of charity funding providers, “he” is an invaluable aid when it comes to raising funds.

“Filled with data of funding sources around the world, and charity legislation and guidance for both UK and USA charities, our AI Charity Advisor provides you with all the help you need… best governance guides, legislation, fundraising, it does it all.

Remember, the more details you provide our AI with, the better “he” will be at tailoring advice to suit your personal circumstances”

Les Robinson, CEO  Yourai.support


To start a conversation with your AI Advisor, Please click on the  #AI  icon at the bottom right of the window

Some example questions you can ask

We do recommend that you widen the questions by adding data relevant to you – this will make the answers more specific to you…


  1. What are the key steps involved in setting up a charity, and how can I ensure I follow best practices?
  2. Can you provide guidance on developing a strong governance structure for my charity, including selecting trustees and establishing effective board meetings?
  3. What are some effective fundraising strategies that I can explore for my charity, and how can I maximize donor engagement?
  4. What are the compliance obligations I need to be aware of as a charity trustee, and how can I ensure my charity stays in good standing with the relevant regulatory bodies?
  5. Can you provide advice on creating and implementing effective policies and procedures for my charity, such as safeguarding, financial management, and volunteer management?
  6. How can I effectively assess and measure the impact of my charity’s programs and initiatives, and communicate this to stakeholders?
  7. Can you recommend any specific resources or tools that can help me improve the financial management of my charity, especially if I don’t have a background in finance?
  8. Are there any funding providers or grants specifically tailored to my charity’s cause or focus area that I should be aware of?
  9. How can I enhance the governance and management effectiveness of my charity through training and development opportunities for myself and other trustees?
  10. Are there any current trends or emerging issues in the charity sector that I should be aware of, and how can I stay informed about these developments?