Transformation – One Step at a Time

Our AI Life Hacker helps has been built to help you optimise daily routines, increase productivity and creatively solve everyday problems. Whether its saving time, organising your home, managing your budget or just keeping up with technology, “he’s” here to guide and support you.

“A life hacker provides you with practical help, tips and advice to make your life easier and more efficient, letting you get more done but still find plenty of downtime to relax

For extra help we have listed a few suggested questions you can ask our AI Life Hacker, but always remember that the more detail you provide, the better it will be at tailoring it’s advice to suit your personal circumstances”

Les Robinson, CEO


To start a conversation with your AI Advisor, Please click on the  #AI  icon at the bottom right of the window

Some example questions you can ask

We do recommend that you widen the questions by adding data relevant to you – this will make the answers more specific to you…


  1. How can I optimise my morning routine to start the day on a productive note?
  2. What are some efficient ways to stay organised and manage my tasks effectively?
  3. Can you suggest any budgeting strategies or tools to help me save money and track my expenses?
  4. What are some practical tips for decluttering and organising my living space?
  5. How can I improve my time management skills and avoid procrastination?
  6. What are some useful productivity hacks for balancing work and personal life?
  7. Can you recommend any technology or apps that can streamline my daily activities?
  8. How can I develop better habits and break bad ones effectively?
  9. Are there any strategies for improving focus and concentration during work or study sessions?
  10. Can you share any tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and managing stress effectively?